Multidimensional Healthcare


Janani English, MMT, PhD, E-RYT500



With 30-plus years of training and experience, the work I offer integrates the holistic, living sciences of Osteopathy, Yoga, and Ayurveda. These three sciences are remarkably effective in restoring freedom of movement, mitigating pain, and helping people achieve a positive outlook and peace of mind.

Too frequently, with a history of unsatisfying medical interactions, we lose faith in our own capacity for relief and recovery. I would like to offer you a fresh perspective on what your own body's natural resilience can achieve prompted by time-tested healing technologies.


• post traumatic brain injury
• pre/post surgical care
• migraines and headaches
• increasing strength and flexibility
• maintaining health & well-being
• spinal health
• dis-ease prevention
• scar tissue reduction
• traumatic injury
• stress reduction/ elimination
• weight loss
• spine injury
• insomnia
• sports injuries
• chronic & inflammatory pain
• auto-immune imbalances
And more

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      I offer a free initial phone consultation.